Public spaces in urban areas often feel uncomfortable and cold. The buildings, architecture and surfaces are mainly designed to be functional, durable and protective. This leaves little room for coziness, comfort and connection. Behavior in these spaces is also influenced by this. We maintain a certain posture and avoid personal contact. It seems almost impossible to rest or simply touch the floor and our surroundings.

“CONCRETE SOFTNESS” is dedicated to this missing softness and playfulness in public space. In green meadows, parks and/or gardens, dancers present a performance in which they interact with moving, spherical objects. These objects have shiny gray surfaces. They serve as a “playful connection” between the artists and their audience. Many different images are created through dance and acrobatic movements: from soft cushions to solid rocks, from giant heads to animals with four legs and much more. The spherical objects enable movements that would otherwise not be possible. They provide a soft base in the hard urban environment and allow flowing movements even on uneven ground. The round shape of the objects invites new ways of moving by encouraging jumping, bouncing and interactive play.

How do we react to obstacles? How can clashes between opposites generate new energy? What untapped potential lies in softness and the power of rebounding?

Sa 04.11.2023 | 15:00 Uhr** | Römerpark Cologne (PREMIERE)
So 05.11.2023 | 15:00 Uhr** | Römerpark Cologne
Mo 06.11.2023 | 11:00 Uhr** | Römerpark Cologne
All dates are for free and outdoors.
**MEETING and STARTING POINT: Corner of Claudiusstr./ extension of Teutoburger Str. from Eierplätzchen in the direction of the university.
**Weather-related changes will be communicated online.

Sat. 04.11.2023 | 21:00 & 23:30 | Concrete Softness in white corridors (30min. variation in the Quartier am Hafen, as part of the Museum Night Cologne, Museum Night rates apply – Museumsnacht)

Conzept: make a  move collective

From and with: Charlotte Brohmeyer, Jennifer Döring (Research), Wayne Götz (Research), Maria Golding, Jan Lorys, Anna Kempin (Research), Karoline Strys, Tim Weseloh, Borys Słowikowski (live-music)

Gefördert und Unterstützt durch:
Ministerium für Kultur und Wissenschaft des Landes NRW, NRW Landesbüro Freie Darstellende Künste
Kulturamt der Stadt Köln
Comedia Theater Köln
Residenz Lake Studios Berlin
Raum der Künste e.V.